When It Rains

Heard ’em say you choose your destiny? You are in control of your own life? I think so too, well, to some extent. Ultimately God is in control of everything but He allows us to make our choices. Today, I woke up, pulled back my curtains and instead of sunshine, I was greeted by rain. Immediately I felt a bit down, “just another gloomy day” I thought, but I realized it didn’t have to be.
I chose to make the most out of my day. With all the emotional baggage I’ve been hauling, I walked out; I stepped in the rain. I grabbed my camera and started recording, the rain. Something as simple as water falling from the clouds in the sky can easily be taken for granted. It’s Majesty is to never be ignored.

Water is so powerful to me. It’s​ amazing to me how water can have the ability to simultaneously cause me to be depressed and comforted. When was the last time you just stood still and let the rain drops touch your skin? After watching wet drops hit and effortlessly slide down the leaves I couldn’t help myself but step out. I walked in the rain today and it was magical.

The water wasn’t cold, it wasn’t hard. It was just perfect. The sound of the rain, the smell of the rain; refreshing and rejuvenating. The slight sorrow I felt after realizing it would be a rainy day was immediately transformed to calm thankfulness. Every drop washed away the negativity and altered my mindset.



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