Black Radiance Creme Contour Palette



Contouring has been a part of my look for about 4 years now. I love it. I was never brave enough to experiment with highlighting and the extreme concealing many women do today. I like the more natural look with a touch of glam.

With that being said there now comes the conversation or debate between the creme or powder foundation. Where do you lie? Honestly, before trying this palette i was a die-hard powder contour fan. I figured, you have to use a powder to set the creme or liquid anyways so why not just skip the foolery and just use the powder. Today! I have been schooled. I watched a review on one of my favorite YouTube channels to watch for the 411 on beauty products and i was intrigued to say the least.


  • The shade I picked is medium to dark. Many people mention Mac makeup colors to give you an idea of foundation but my dears, I have never owned a Mac product so I have no idea. However, I am Cappuccino N* in the L’Oreal True Match Foundation 😉 This palette turned out to be a perfect match. 
  • I paid a little over $6.50 at Walmart and the most I’ve seen it is at Target for $7.99
  • This palette provides the contour, the sculpting shade and the highlight.
  • The consistency is very creamy especially for the contour and sculpt. The highlight is not as creamy. I believe that helps too because it’s not to be used as the other two. I keep seeing many pictures of overdone highlight and it unnerves me. Again, I prefer a natural look.
  • I find it easier to apply the contour and sculpting a sponge compared to a brush.
  • This palette is long wear with or without setting it with a powder. I don’t always set my makeup as I have normal to dry skin and I hardly wear my makeup for long enough to worry about it getting out of place lol.


In the picture above I showcase the pigment and sculpting capabilities this palette gave me and below I give you a bot of that highlight where the sun kisses my face; cheekbones, nose bridge and chin.



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