Have we met?

Hi, my name is Yemurai (call me Yem). I’m zoning in on my 30’s faster than I imagined so here I am. Why am I here again? I’ve lived in my head a lot. I am here to break free. I am almost 30 and though accomplished quite a bit, I still feel as if I I’m yet to live. I am married to a good man, blessed with two adorable perfect little boys, hold a BA in accounting and have traveled to a number of places. For each phase of my life, yes, I believe I have┬ámemorable events that stand out but I know there is more. Like everyone on earth, I too have a destiny. I’ve done what was expected of me and also won some trophies from my rebellious stages. I’m entering a new phase and my mind is afflicted by curiosity and anxiety. So again, here I am. Let’s live!

Oh wait, I guess I should tell you a bit about what you will find on this blog right? Well loves, a bit of everything to be honest. All my passions old, current and soon to be discovered. At the moment, I am working on self growth and re-discovery. Like I said, a bit of everything. On this blog, I intend to show you the steps I’m taking towards living. I hope it translates!